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We want to keep it simple:

The Full Course 

Book in advance for the 10 sessions and the cost is £275 per session, thus £2750.

For each session, we are willing to read up to 20,000 words. 

There are two reasons to pay for this course in advance: it is cheaper, yes, but it also commits you to the process. Like a university MA, you know you have to keep going.


Mentoring sessions are charged at £100 for the session plus £120 per 10,000 words of reading. (if you send us 10,532 words, it’ll still be £120!)

A Full Draft Reading is £700 (for up to 85k words), plus £100 for the mentoring session. 


We do not charge VAT.


Try a one-hour introductory 'taster' session, with either 5000 words of reading or a plot outline for £125. Should you go on to book the full 10 session course, the fee for this initial consultation will be refunded.

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